Turn a Sony U-70 into a Tablet PC?

sony_u70_2I’ve posted a few times about the Sony U-70 ultra-portable PC (UPC). It’s such an innovative design and amazing how they stuffed a whole notebook PC into a PDA form factor. The device appears to work quite well and favorable reviews are starting to roll in. I’ve been thinking about the U-70 a lot, as I tend to do when a really nice piece of mobile tech comes out. The only drawback I can see with the U-50/70 is not having the Tablet PC operating system installed. I don’t know why Sony chose to go with pen-enabled Windows XP instead, it doesn’t make sense to me. So I’ve been researching if it’s possible to put the Tablet PC OS on one of these little jewels. I’ll post here what I find and if anyone can contribute to this effort please feel free to add anything you can.

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