Confessions of a VGA Junky

The past couple of years the industry has been discussing “convergence” devices as the future for us all. By convergence device they are invariably referring to the marriage of the PDA and mobile phone. These devices are being touted as the way to make us all more productive as the “always on” capability will allow us to accomplish more with the device we carry every day.

The early convergence devices were all PDAs with a phone in it and quite frankly never appealed to me. They were large, clunky, and I could never bring myself to put my oily (although freshly washed) face against the precious touch screen. The newer SmartPhones are a much nicer form factor as the designers finally realized it makes more sense to put a PDA in a phone and not the other way around. But even with these nicer devices I just can’t get excited about this platform because of the small screen.I am a heavy user of my PocketPC and have been for years. I use it for many things for hours each day. So, it’s never appealed to me that going to a smaller screen would be more productive given the way I use my device. I need to see a lot of information on the screen at once. I longed for the ability to actually work with Excel spreadsheets and not just view them. To see whole documents a page at a time, just like the paper version.When Tablet PCs were finally released I was excited as it seemed on the surface that this was finally the platform I could really use. Big screen that displayed whole documents and brought the entire computing experience with it. Finally, I thought, this was the form factor that would make me more productive.It didn’t take me long to realize it didn’t work for me. Too heavy, battery didn’t last long enough, too distracting to use in a crowd. I was sad again.And then it happened- I heard the rumors of a WM2003 device with a VGA screen. Same form factor I had used for years but with a VGA SCREEN! For a couple of weeks I went to the local CompUSA every day for a glimpse of the screen. Finally they got them in. I had them open the first box, turned it on, and switched it to VGA resolution. And told them I would take it. On the spot. Finally, the device that could truly make me more productive.A device that can be used like a little, light, Tablet PC. With a battery that lasts more than all day. And I have never looked back. I can actually work with spreadsheets. I added a foldable full size keyboard that connects wirelessly and I can leave my laptop at home. It’s all about the screen. I can see more, do more, and CREATE more with this device than with any other device. I can take it anywhere, pull it out, and really work! Instant on, instant off, never lose my place. Multi-tasking, entertaining, educating, working. Productively, happily, and efficiently.This device has literally changed the way I work for the better. All because of that VGA screen. To me this is the future “convergence” device. Add a little more “computer” to this PocketPC and you will have near the perfect device. Let it connect wirelessly to your phone and leave the phone in your pocket. You gotta have that screen.

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