Truly wireless broadband?

Walt Mossberg is singing the praises of Verizon’s Broadband Access service in this morning’s Wall Street Journal. He hails the coming of truly wireless broadband. I think he should have called it the truly and highly mobile wireless broadband. I think we should hold the praise up until Nextel starts pushing its own version of real wireless broadband.

bq. Verizon claims the new service will deliver average downstream speeds of between 300 and 500 kilobits per second. That is three to five times as fast as the typical speeds available over older cellphone networks, and about what many people get from wired DSL lines. In my tests, the service did even better. Over several days, I averaged 585 kilobits per second. In fact, much of the time I was connected at over 700 kbps. The service can achieve peak speeds of more than two megabits a second, but I never saw that.

This is a technical question from a skeptical mind. Will someone tell me what happens when say about 2 million subscribers opt for this service?


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