Even Outsourcing is about Oil

Lou Dobbs is bringing out the big guns in his Outsourcing crusade. The latest one is Rory L. Terry, a finance professor from Fort Hays State University. In his column the good professor writes

bq. The costs of the decision to outsource are not borne by the decision maker. Loss of jobs reduces the tax base, creates high unemployment benefit costs, and raises the cost of government retraining programs. As China and India and other large populations grow, they demand huge quantities of oil, gas, steel and other basic raw materials. These costs are born by all of us — every time we fill our gas tanks, for example.

Or As one of my dear friends quipped that since the “development of third world countries like India and China increases the demand for gas, and hence that part of the world should saty impoverished so that we don’t have to pay so much at the pump.

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