Pete “Gizmodo” Rojas is now at Engadget

Score one for Jason Calacanis, who has managed to lure Gizmodo editor Pete Rojas. Jason has been sniping with Nick Denton, who owns the Gizmodo brand along with Gawker, Wonkette and a slew of other weblog properties. Jason and Pete are scheming up a new Gizmodo competitor called Engadget, a new gadgets weblog. From what I understand, Engadget will be a 50:50 joint venture. This move comes as no surprise given that Gizmodo has been doing well, its advertising going up and some affiliate partnerships in the works. Rojas was apparently not too happy! Anyway this explains why the number of posts and the quality on posts has been on a decline over at Gizmodo. Link via Boing Boing

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