Molten San Fran Skies…

sky at 6.30 am

Trying out the camera features of Treo 600 and too much early morning coffee did the trick for me when it came to inspiration. The photographs turned out quite well, I thought, given that most people have told me that the Treo camera is nothing to write home about. So far, the camera is doing its job quite well, though unlikely I am going to be taking a lot of pictures of this. The good thing about a CameraPhone, is that sometimes even non photographers like me can get a fleeting moment of inspiration.

sky at 7 am

Treo makes it easy to simply zip this over the GPRS network to your moblog. Compared to some of the camera phones I have tried before, sending and receiving phots on Treo is quite easy. I have to admit, this is a sight which is not common to life in Manhattan, and perhaps the true upside of San Francisco is the amazing weather. No I am not becoming a California convert, but still it is nice to be not freezing to death.

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