Do Lawyers Lack the Digital Savvy?

No less than Andrew Lack, the CEO of Sony Music, thinks that’s the case, in an interview with Daily Variety (sub. req.). Lack is expected to make his first public address (at an LA conference) since he took rein of the company a year ago.

“It has surprised me that lawyers in our business seem somewhat detached from this issue, almost ambivalent to the digital revolution,” Lack said. “This is an issue that is being framed as illegal and legal. Lawyers have been quiet as a group, and I want to try to stimulate them. Smart lawyers haven’t stood up, and I think the reason is they’re confused.” Um….methinks they’re just trying to see which way the ball rolls…

In another interesting take, Lack said that none of the digital music business models he has seen till now show “real growth by any standard structure the Harvard Business School would accept.”


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