Battle of the Music Formats

The online music business might be in its infancy, but that is not stopping folks from indulging in legal music download formats which are taking on a tone of religious tussles of medivial times. And once again the battle is between Apple and its long time nemesis, Microsoft, reports The Independet of UK.

It boils down to this: will Apple support Microsoft’s “Windows Media Audio” (WMA) format for purchased music on the iPod music player? Or has the Apple-preferred (but not Apple-owned) “Advanced Audio Codec” (AAC) format that it uses through its own iTunes Music Store become a de facto standard that others – including Microsoft – will have to adjust to?

The article contends that sooner or later Apple will have to support the WMA format. Apple might have 25 percent of the digital music player market, it will need to support other formats in order to get even more beefier. Microsoft faces an uphill battle because when people think MP3 players, they think IPod. Sort of like PC means Windows. It hurts when shoe is on the other foot.

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