T-Mobile & My Bay Area Blues

Catherine Zeta-Jones with her come hither looks has done a remarkable job for T-Mobile. The carrier of choice for us GSM types has managed to play the portability card quite well. Jones and a $40 a month plan seems to have attracted so many users to T-Mobile, that its network performance has taken a massive hit. In past one month I have been consistently missing phone calls, voice mails have pulled a “WMD” on me, and if that was not enough, the incidence of dropped calls has shot up dramatically. For the longest time I thought the problem was with my phone, a Sony Ericsson T-610 which despite its good looks is not good enough to work well with a mediocre network. Ironically the GPRS connection works like a charm – which tells me that all that talk about data consumption going up is just that – talk. Maybe all those click-crazy folks are not zapping photos from their camera phones to one another and other users.

But voice calls – they have become an inexact science. GSM users like me are screwed because T-Mobile, clearly is being like a cheap ho**er, accommodating all comers, not spending any money on network upgrades and basically killing the golden goose. I think for me personally T-Mobile meant good coverage and clear connections. Irony is that since T-Mobile rides on Cingular networks in the Bay Area, there is no point switching to Cingular either. AT&T Wireless – well they are being sold, and there has to be a reason for that. Are you having the same problems?

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