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Om Malik on Broadband

Why did Cingular pay so much?

ANALYSIS: In the end, no amount would have been big enough for SBC and BellSouth, the corporate parents of Cingular. This was their one chance to make a big splash and grab the only growth business in the telecom markets….

Om Malik on Broadband

AT&T Wireless, the urge to merge

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the bids for AT&T Wireless are finally making their way to the Washington state. NTT DoCoMo, of Japan has also made a big and has several backup strategies, the paper reports. NTT owns…

Om Malik on Broadband

Cingular/AT&T Wireless Rumors surface again

As Yogi Berra says, its like deja vu all over again. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Cingular and AT&T Wireless are in serious merger talks, and are likely to spark off a massive wave of consolidation in the…

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Merger talk, redux

Boston.com’s Peter Howe has an interesting perspective on the telecom industry and is predicting major consolidation. It is something I have talked about before, but there are some suggestions which don’t make sense. For instance he talks a…

GigaOm: Om Malik's Broadband Blog

Cellphone consolidation begins?

Last month, I had predicted that number portability will become cellular phone business’ Waterloo. Some will go out of business, and others will merge. In short consolidate. A few months earlier, in an article for Business 2.0 (Gulp) I had…

GigaOm: Om Malik's Broadband Blog

Rumor: Cingular looking to buyout major carrier

It is a rumor which simply never dies. According to BusinessWeek, the ailing Cingular Wireless is looking to buy another major GSM Carrier. The details of the rumor were first reported in Business Week and since then have been picked…


Killing WLNP, one lawsuit at a time.

This morning I read a report on how AT&T and Cingular are planning to choke the WLNP. The reluctance of senators to support a delay in WLNP became apparent just as a federal appeals court Wednesday afternoon rejected a plea…

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