Dave Matthews Band’s WiFi Addiction

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Who would have thunk that Dave Matthews Band would use Wi-Fi technology to record their live-jams and archive them on the Internet, possibly for release at some later stage. Denver Post reports that the ” jam band is taking more control of its fame and fortune with a hot wireless Internet technology called Wi-Fi.”

bq. Wi-Fi gives Dave Matthews crew members the simple conveniences of keeping in touch while on the road for six months at a time. At each venue, the crew scatters 7-foot antennas that talk to a wireless access point – a device the size of a clock radio that connects to the Internet over a high-speed phone line – and out to some 50 laptop computers and two dozen buses and semi-trucks. Kuhn said the technology ultimately will give the band – rather than the ticketing agents and recording labels – more ownership of its music.

Viva-la Open Spectrum perhaps!

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