Camera Phones adventures

Alan Reiter writes: “An Italian tobacconist saw two suspicious characters outside his shop in Rome. He used his camera phone to send a photo of the pair and a text message to the police. The police checked their records, found the two people were wanted for robberies and sent a squad car. They were arrested and sentenced to six months in jail.” Further down his entry, he points out that “Prof. Dave Farber today sent an e-mail to his Interesting People list about how under Code Orange it is, apparently, illegal to take photos of transit facilities. At a faculty meeting at Bryn Mawr College, the attendees were informed that a student from Haverford College was arrested for taking photographs of trains in Philadelphia. The student was detained and questioned for a few hours and eventually released.” A few days ago I got a nice twist of the ear on the subject of camera phones. He is so right!

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