Stories for Sep. 26, 2008

It’s 2:30 in the morning. GigaOM business manager Joey Wan and I are decompressing after our NYC edition of NTV Screenings. We join a small crowd of bundled up true fans and passerbys in Central Park to watch magician David Blaine on the second night of […] Read more »

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Say what you will about the current economic crisis, but peoples’ interest in understanding exactly why financial institutions are crumbling is giving lesser-known political figures their brief moments in the spotlight, which in turn has resulted in many, many C-SPAN clips garnering view rates on par […] Read more »

Canadian biofuel maker Iogen might have backed away from building a cellulosic plant in the U.S., but the company says it has already started shipping the first part of a roughly 50,000-gallon order of cellulosic ethanol to one of its investors and partners oil company Shell. […] Read more »

I’m still looking for work uses for collaborative scribbling aka drawing whiteboards. I reviewed Bookgoo, but truth be told, haven’t found a use for it. But I’m trying to keep an open mind. That’s why I took a look recently at Scriblink, another free collaboration tool. […] Read more »

It was the first full week after Hurricane Ike disrupted everything and my trip to San Francisco.  It was great to be home and working normally for the whole week and dealing with real life once again.  This week’s column covers some software upgrades, hardware recalls […] Read more »

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One of the reasons I like Mac’s so much more than Window’s boxes is their outstanding networking capabilities. No matter if I need to add a network printer or share files with someone on my network, it can be done in a matter of minutes. Setting […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 25, 2008

RGGI Auctions, But Will it Work?: The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative started selling carbon credits in the Northeast today but don’t get too excited because it’ll probably start off slow, undermining the whole point of scheme which, in case you forgot, is to encourage utilities to […] Read more »

Finding an iPhone game that I really enjoy is a tough task. I like games that fit some basic criteria: they must be easy to play with intuitive controls (pick up and play), they need some type of scoring system so I can compare scores with […] Read more »

Like many web workers, I spend a lot of time searching online, and I try to expand my set of tools for doing that well beyond Google. One of my latest finds in this area is Kosmix, a search engine that’s still in Alpha but does […] Read more »

Earlier today the second of two governmental hearings related to online privacy got underway. This particular hearing focused on deep packet inspection and how Internet service providers want to mine your data. The hearing kicked off with new data from Consumer Reports that said 72 percent […] Read more »

Water treatment startup Ostara Nutrient Recovery Systems has a secret weapon for greener grass — sewage. Yesterday, the Vancouver, B.C.-based startup said it has raised $10.5 million in private equity financing for its water treatment system that removes phosphorus and other nutrient pollutants from wastewater and […] Read more »

GigaOM readers are well-versed in both the wireless broadband networks that carriers are building and the Wi-Fi gear that we use in our homes, but what about the wireless technology that is starting to manage energy for the power grid as well as energy use within […] Read more »

For all of those folks that think that everyone on the GigaOM network has a cake job, I have to point out just how wrong you are. Take for example our talented webmaster, Chancey Mathews. He’s constantly doing behind-the-scenes work to make the experience the best […] Read more »

[qi:100] Hitwise has released some interesting stats from August: Of the 56 leading social networking web sites, received 67.54 percent of U.S. visits. Facebook, by comparison, got a mere 20.56 percent of total visits. Hitwise says that the market shares of U.S. visits to the […] Read more »

I’m not sure what this means for Celio but they now have the Redfly Smartphone Companion on sale for just $199.  The Redfly is a mini-laptop that isn’t, with all processing power and connectivity coming from your Windows Mobile smartphone.  See our video review of the […] Read more »

I think my quest for a small but capable backpack to carry my 17-inch MacBook Pro around in is over.  I checked on the Apple site and found the Incase Sling Pack which looks to be just what I need.  It is as small a bag […] Read more »

Applied Materials is taking its solar equipment manufacturing expertise and moving it indoors. The company plans to focus on solid-state lighting as a line of business, said Annette Finsterbusch, a partner with Applied Ventures, speaking at the Rice Alliance Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum in […] Read more »

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