Stories for Feb. 2, 2009

Start-ups shouldn’t be too down-hearted — at least some sites are still being backed with big money as Europe skids into recession. Paris-b… Read more »

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Doritos Contest-Winners’ Ad a Favorite; amateur Super Bowl commercial wins USA Today’s focus group, after Anheuser-Busch had won ten years in a row. (USA Today, ad video) TVtrip Raises $9 Million; Paris-based startup produces hotel video tours, now has total funding of $13.8 million from Balderton […] Read more »

Folks, today we are announcing a changing of the guard over at WebWorkerDaily, the second-oldest blog in our network. Simon Mackie is replacing Judi Sohn as editor while Judi, who has been the heart and soul of WebWorkerDaily, is transitioning to the role of senior writer. […] Read more »

As you will probably have read on Friday, Judi Sohn has stepped down as editor of WebWorkerDaily. I’m the site’s new editor. I’d like to thank Judi for the work that she’s done on WWD and also for making the transition between editors as simple and […] Read more »

Updated with comment from 3M: What 3M did for sticky notes, it now wants to do for efficiency-boosting add-ons for buildings, photovoltaics, and wind turbines: make them ubiquitous and profitable. The Minnesota-based manufacturer announced today that it has created a division in which it will develop […] Read more »

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson will not be taking a multimillion-dollar bonus this year. No, it’s not going to hurt that much — his bonus last year, about $4.5 million, was roughly 25 percent of his income — but from a symbolic standpoint, it’s the right thing […] Read more »

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The Sony ( s sne) Vaio P defies description, it’s not really a netbook as it’s too expensive yet it’s equipped much like them.  No question the Vaio P brings a lot to the table, and very small tables at that.  One of the interesting components […] Read more »

Beer, Bro Time, and Smart Grid (Earth2Tech) Are SaaS And Open Source Software Friends or Enemies? (OStatic) The Language of the Web Worker (WebWorkerDaily) Lights Out For Online Video Startup eBaum, as Team Is Laid Off (NewTeeVee) ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Is a Worthy Netbook Upgrade […] Read more »

What kind of news would you expect from an event at which Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Vice President Al Gore deliver speeches surrounded by ocean creatures? If you’re thinking something on climate change (Gore), the Internet (Google and Schmidt) and the ocean (it’s taking […] Read more »

In a recent Daily Beast post, Tina Brown talks about how everyone she knows is “hustling for gigs.” As I was reading the article, I noticed a few interesting things about the language in the post – mainly all of the words with “gig” in them: […] Read more »

I try not to get too excited about every new ASUS Eee PC model, but I’m making an exception for the new 1000HE with 10-inch LED backlit display. It’s available for online pre-order now at $399 and it addresses many compromises that netbooks typically offer. Although […] Read more »

Large parts of the UK have been seriously disrupted by snowfall today, with the South East of the country seeing its worst snowfalls in 18 years. With many people unable to make it to work – or in some cases, making it to work only to […] Read more »

While the U.S. wireless industry has been ravaged by brutal price wars when it comes to plain-vanilla voice minutes, carriers big and small have managed to turn in profits and show hefty growth, thanks to growing demand for wireless data services. In the fourth quarter, Verizon and AT&T raked in about $6 billion just on wireless data. Taken together, the results were, as Stacey noted in her post last week, making wireless data looks recession-proof. But a week later, we’re not so sure. Read more »

I’ve been struggling with the learning curves inherent in adapting new project management and collaboration tools for my own company and have previously blogged about the way my own brain processes information – and a GUI – quite differently from that of my company’s project manager. […] Read more »

OK, smart grid technology isn’t on a level playing field when it comes to competing with Super Bowl-friendly topics like the Go Daddy shower scene, or Pepsi’s slapstick men smashing into various objects. So I haven’t heard much talk about how amazing GE’s 30-second (estimated $100,000-a-second) […] Read more »

For years, energy-management technologies have played second fiddle to energy-generation technologies such as solar power, wind power and biofuels. But in an economic downturn, the so-called “smart grid” sector, which often has been labeled “not sexy” by investors and analysts, is becoming ever more attractive. On […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 1, 2009

Earlier this month reports emerged that Motorola would cut as much as 50 percent of its handset division as it slashes the number of phones it sells to a dozen and focuses solely on Google’s Android operating system. The decision made us wonder if Microsoft’s Windows […] Read more »

[qi:014] Early-stage businesses looking to bring their idea to market — or build a bigger market for their existing products — can now apply for some cash, advice, and practical guidance courtesy of LaunchBox Digital. The Washington, D.C.-based business incubator and investment firm is accepting applications […] Read more »

Adobe Systems’ CEO said recently that the multimedia software giant is in the mood to gobble up some technology startups. And in these economic times — Adobe itself laid off 600 employees in December — that sentiment alone is bound to put a smile on entrepreneurs’ […] Read more »

General Electric’s energy division was its break in the clouds last week offering a spot of sunshine amidst grim earnings. GE is continuing that energy push in 2009 with a major smart meter marketing campaign (Super Bowl!), and on Monday touting a more unusual area: energy-efficient […] Read more »

Well, it took almost the whole game, but during the fourth quarter, the Hulu Super Bowl ad ran. It brought in some star power courtesy of Alec Baldwin. The bit involved a secret Hulu HQ where they plot to turn your brain into a cottage cheese-like […] Read more »

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