Stories for Feb. 11, 2009

Apple’s current chipset bedfellow, NVIDIA, has just announced that the first iteration of its upcoming Ion platform will come in desktop form, and should be expected this upcoming Spring. The new architecture integrates Intel Atom processors with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics card, making it […] Read more »

We wrote yesterday about the effect the broadband stimulus bill may have on rural ISPs, and today we ran across a nice rundown of broadband access in rural America over at Daily Yonder. Their article takes the latest Census of Agriculture (2007) data, published this month, […] Read more »

Does this sound like a solid description of your company? We leverage Internet and computing technologies to fight climate change. If so, then your startup could be a great fit to present during the LaunchPad session at our Green:Net conference to be held in San Francisco […] Read more »

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So much for all those people who bought Sirius (NSDQ: SIRI) stock last week. The company’s shares almost doubled on Feb. 4 following reports… Read more »

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When reading the newsletter that electric car startup Tesla Motors sent to customers this morning, you could hardly be blamed for thinking the company had a Department of Energy loan in the bag. “Regarding funding,” writes CEO Elon Musk, “I am excited to report that the […] Read more »

A new bill working its way through the Italian government could force Internet service providers to block access to sites such as YouTube and Facebook if those sites incite or justify criminal behavior, Bloomberg reports: The bill says the Interior Ministry will be able to order […] Read more »

This might just be incredibly coincidental timing, but Apple is announcing that they’ve finally brought the Windows side of their MobileMe personal data syncing service up to snuff, only shortly after it’s come to light that Microsoft in working on their own similar service, currently dubbed […] Read more »

Turns out there was some NewTeeVee-ish news that came out of the New York Comic-Con last weekend. Our sister publication The Apple Blog (via TechRadar) writes that Marvel is getting further into the motion comics game, selling the slightly animated versions of their books on iTunes […] Read more »

This morning, like every morning, I rolled out of bed to make a pot of coffee. Like I do every other morning, I fire up a netbook in the kitchen and catch up on the latest tech news. I hit the same few sites and aggregators […] Read more »

[qi:056] When it comes to software, collaboration is the next big opportunity. It’s being driven by the proliferation of broadband connections, ubiquitous wireless connectivity and the distributed workforce. From Google to Cisco Systems to Microsoft — all are trying to make their way to the treasure. […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless today announced additions to its prepaid phone plans that seem a bit rich compared to prepaid plans already offered by Sprint’s Boost Mobile, Metro PCS  and Leap Wireless. Those plans cost $40 to $50 a month, while Verizon’s high-end plan costs subscribers $4 a […] Read more »

One of the perplexing limitations about MobileMe is its inability to sync birthdays in iCal to the iPhone and iPod touch. As you may already know, iCal can take birthdays from Address Book and add them into a special “Birthdays” calendar, which is really a subscription […] Read more »

A little while ago, I reviewed the service offered by GigPark, which was essentially a referrals network to help people find and share service providers. Qapacity is a new tool that works along the same lines, although it goes about it in a completely different way. […] Read more »

Despite the fact that solar thermal companies like Ausra are pulling back on the business model of “bigger is better” solar farms, massive solar deals are still being done. This morning utility Southern California Edison says it’s reached an agreement on “the world’s largest solar deal” […] Read more »

Nuance Communications said today it’s offering an upgrade to its line of speech recognition software aimed at carriers and handset makers. The new software includes a combination of on-handset speech recognition and server-based transcription that means it can do far more than navigate an address book. […] Read more »

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