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Amazing! I have been watching the spat between Google’s YouTube and Warner Music Group play out in the media — both online and in its offline variants. The bottom line of this corporate he said she said is that there are no more music videos that […] Read more »

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Flash Comes to (Jailbroken) iPhones (Sometimes) – Not, probably, what most people are looking for in terms of Flash on the iPhone, but if you’ve already jailbroken, it might be worth a look. Apparently buggy, but provides more Flash than the current, non-jailbroken iPhone does, that […] Read more »

I went away to Belize and Guatemala last week with intentions of never checking email once. But with free or cheap Internet access at every single hostel and guesthouse we went to, I did sneak on a few times. Still, I kept it to mostly personal […] Read more »

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The Wall Street Journal talked to many people to find out where companies would be spending their precious dollars in 2009. Here is a quick look at what may sell in 2009: Software as a Service: Today 10 percent of total software sales come from on-demand […] Read more »

Three Chinese mobile networks plan to spend a total of 280 billion yuan ($41 billion) over the next two years building out 3G networks, for which the government will announce licenses at the end of 2008 or in early 2009. Plans like that would normally have […] Read more »

Why wait for a plug-in hybrid when you can roll your own? Soon there will be even more places to get your Prius converted into a plug-in hybrid, now that Hong Kong-based GP Batteries International has taken an undisclosed stake in Poway, Calif.’s Plug-In Conversions. GP’s […] Read more »

There are some interesting new statistics out from oDesk, an online staffing marketplace and management platform that can be particularly useful for web workers looking for remote jobs. We interviewed the CEO, Gary Swart, here.  oDesk is reporting that with the economic downturn there is a […] Read more »

Paying for a live video stream is hardly new — take wrestling, adult content, even courtroom proceedings — but I highly doubt anyone has ever coughed up $1,000 for a webcast. Until now. The world-famous TED Conference announced Friday it will offer remote access to this […] Read more »

Looks like EEStor, the high-profile Texas energy storage startup, finally got its patent. According to the U.S. patent office it was issued on Dec. 16 (hat tip A lot of the details of the patent, which was filed Aug. 13, 2004, have been online for […] Read more »

‘Twas the night before Macworld, when all through the blogs Every pundit was asking “Where is Steve Jobs?” His stockings were hung at Mascone with care, But it seems his last keynote was for MacBook Air. The attendees were not yet settled into bed; All concerned […] Read more »

The new movie, Perkins’ 14, will be released in theaters in January, but what makes this release of note is the level of participation fans had in creating the film. Produced by film production community Massify, fans were given the chance to select which movie pitch […] Read more »

While the solitary web worker life can get lonely occasionally, most of us have found ways to engage with communities of our peers in less traditional ways outside of an office. There have been many posts on this blog about engaging with coworkers and clients via Twitter, IM, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Those are a great first step to keep in touch with real people throughout the day, but what about those times when you just need to get out of the house? Read more »

If Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has his way, the Beaver State could adopt a stack of policies next year to provide funding for renewable energy projects and transportation infrastructure, promote green building and energy efficiency, and authorize participation in the Western Climate Initiative, a regional cap-and-trade […] Read more »

Way back during the Cold War, the North American Aerospace Defense Command began a cute Christmas tradition meant to reassure anxious kids that it was not planning to shoot Santa Claus out of the sky. NORAD’s annual Santa Tracker has since gone Web 2.0, in an […] Read more »

Regular readers know that in these parts, we thrive on 3G wireless broadband service. An always-on, high-speed wireless connection is the most empowering mobile technology I’ve used in the past several years. Location-based services might mature enough to have me rescind that thought in the near […] Read more »

Back in October I wrote about the myth of all-day computing, noting that the need for a 24-hour battery cycle is perhaps diminishing in the face of altering and fragmenting usage patterns – particularly the rise of the netbook and the iPhone. Indeed, last week ReadWriteWeb […] Read more »

My life is busy (and yes, if you’re wondering, it is all about me), and frequently I tend to rip or download music without taking the time to apply ratings to it. Since ratings are one of the best methods for determining the usefulness of your […] Read more »

Someone found a super good deal online direct from HP for the tx2500z.  The tx2500z is a 12-inch Tablet PC with touch and active digitizers and they are very good notebooks.  This deal may likely exist because HP is pushing them out due to the release […] Read more »

If cloud computing is ever going to reach its full potential, it needs to be more than a utility service that IT managers use to offload excess computing demands. That will require a shift in the way programmers build applications, says Russ Daniels, CTO and V-P […] Read more »

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