Stories for Mar. 6, 2009

Something that web workers deal with throughout the day but don’t spend a lot of time talking about is the deluge of e-mail alerts, updates, and notifications that batter us like a cacophonous rain of data throughout the day, much of it due to the social […] Read more »

Ecotality, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company that makes fast electric vehicle chargers and energy storage, is moving up in the world. The firm has lined up a big-name partner, saying today that it will work with Nissan North America to set up an electric vehicle charging network […] Read more »

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Spanish operator Telefónica has signed up to launch 100% Mobile, a mobile portal and shop managed by Player X Distribution. The portal will… Read more »

Better Place Founder and CEO Shai Agassi’s vision of building out charging infrastructure and battery-swapping stations for electric vehicles was never going to be easy to implement. But turmoil in the world’s financial markets and mounting deficits in government budgets have raised new hurdles for the […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 5, 2009
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Spanish operator Telefónica has signed up to launch 100% Mobile, a mobile portal and shop managed by Player X Distribution. The portal will… Read more »

As the recession forces companies to slash jobs right and left, one of the more secure positions is turning out to be that of Chief Sustainability Officer. Increasingly, companies across the board are including the job of marrying business performance to environmental performance among their C-level […] Read more »

I was just musing on a post about the impacts of Amazon’s Kindle for iPhone app. One of those potential thoughts was to examine what it means to independent eBook content and software providers. Fictionwise is a notable example with their eReader platform and already there’s […] Read more »

Former Vice President and cleantech VC Al Gore has a new catch phrase that combines two of his favorite interests — energy and the Internet. At the Wall Street Journal Eco:nomics conference in Santa Barbara, Calif. Thursday afternoon he said a couple times (in a couple […] Read more »

Mika Salmi will leave his position as president of MTV Networks’ global media division at the end of March, it was announced today in an internal MTV memo. According to paidContent, his role in the company will not be replaced. We pinged Salmi to find out […] Read more »

Apparently people still download Real Player, because Google is choosing to bundle its Google Chrome browser with the multimedia player. And while I personally don’t download any “software bundles,” I can’t blame Google for friending Real Networks. Google has been desperately trying to promote its new […] Read more »

While the web is loaded with expert sites that do hardware reviews, and many of us web workers rely on them to make our technology buying decisions, there is still merit in word-of-mouth recommendations. Additionally, in this economy, getting the right price is often a crucial […] Read more »

I personally don’t have a burning need to print from a handset. Not yet, anyway. That could change as we continue to see the lines blur between smartphones and full-featured computers. Earlier today, James pointed out a print solution for BlackBerry so I thought a little […] Read more »

Microsoft earlier this week at CeBIT 2009 rolled out its Online Services feature to 19 new countries (it has been available in the U.S. since November last year). Online Services is part of Microsoft’s “Software + Services” strategy, with cloud-based services complementing local software functionality. So […] Read more »

If you’re an IT executive in today’s market, you must be thinking about getting back to basics—thrift and efficiency. And this probably means reducing capital investment. Did you know that one of the fastest and simplest ways to reduce capital investment is to change your IT […] Read more »

So Verizon is finally acting like they “get it,” specifically asking people who leave their service if “the iPhone” has anything to do with it. The problem with this is that by saying “the iPhone” they imply having the device just like it exists on AT&T’s […] Read more »

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