Stories for Mar. 9, 2009

I love Spring Break… when there’s a trip involved. Alas, I haven’t taken a real vacation since Spring Break 2002. Sure, my family took a road trip from Dallas to San Antonio and Austin last year, but that was no vacation between the drive and a volleyball tournament (the real reason for the trip). If you’re one of the lucky ones taking a vacation, here are some tips for packing.

This year, one kid has driver’s ed classes for the week, another takes a test and some have a few appointments. So this Spring Break gives us an opportunity to catch up and do things that we don’t want to do during the school year. But that doesn’t mean the thought of the younger two staying home all week doesn’t stress me out. The 5-year-old and 10-year-old argue, then come growling or crying into Mom’s office.

So what can you do to manage kids during Spring Break if you stay home? Read more »

Startup SynapSense said today that it has pulled in $7 million in financing for its wireless energy-efficiency systems, designed to cut down the carbon footprint of energy-hungry data centers. The Folsom, Calif.-based startup offers a wireless monitoring system that tracks real-time thermal, pressure, and humidity readings […] Read more »

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Startup SynapSense said today that it has pulled in $7 million in financing for its wireless energy-efficiency systems, designed to cut down the carbon footprint of energy-hungry data centers. The Folsom, Calif.-based startup also says it is pushing its technology into other, non-data-center markets, too — […] Read more »

At the risk of sounding like a gossip rag, more rumors are floating around that an Apple netbook is in the works. This time, we even have a possible production date: third quarter of this year. China’s Commercial Times (via DigiTimes) is the source. Wintek, an […] Read more »

Clearwire announced a slightly scaled back rollout of its WiMAX network last Thursday, but analysts still believe the wireless operator will have to stretch itself to pay for its nationwide network. Chris King, a analyst at Stifel Nicolaus, thinks Clearwire will need $2 billion to $4 […] Read more »

As someone who enjoys a decent roller coaster from time to time, I’m always intrigued by theme park and coaster applications. When I heard about SkyCoaster for the iPhone, I had to give it a try. It’s a simple roller coaster simulator, offering a variety of […] Read more »

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Scheduling service TimeBridge (previously reviewed on WWD) announced today that they’ve come out with a personal conferencing service that is fully integrated into their scheduling application. The company seems to be working on rounding out a more complete set of scheduling and communications tools particularly handy […] Read more »

It’s been almost a month since I broke up with my iPhone and switched to the new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900. And while I sometimes yearn for my iPhone’s awesome sleekness and its admirable browser, the new BlackBerry Curve is proving to be a worthy and admirable replacement. Instead of boring you with details about the innards of the device, let me stay focused on what matters most to typical BlackBerry owners: usability. Read more »

Stories for Mar. 8, 2009

Cisco Systems, long known for routers and switches, is trying to increase its footprint by expanding into consumer markets. And it is doing so by acquiring a lot of companies. In the past, it snapped up Linksys and KISS, and now there are rumors that the […] Read more »

The mobile tech world never stops turning and we try to bring the top stories to you.  Here are some of those top stories on jkOnTheRun you may have missed: Hybrid Touch Book from Always Innovating adds/ removes the keyboard Netbook: the timeline of “genericness” Kindle […] Read more »

Cloud Computing has hit the main stage, solidly capturing the minds of both the technology and business communities. But while three distinct deployment models have emerged, it’s far from certain which of them will go on to prosper. The three models are: 1. Renting raw hardware: […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 7, 2009

It’s the first Saturday of March, which means one thing: grab your iPhone, prime your mind, and focus your eyeballs, because I’ve got another selection of fresh App Store picks for you. Before we get to this week’s apps, there’s a stack of Apple happenings to […] Read more »

Two years ago, Rupert Murdoch bestrode the media world like a colossus. News Corp.’s stock simmered above $25 a share as properties from MySpace to American Idol to Fox Sports stood tall. A business news channel was in the works, and Murdoch was gunning for Dow […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 6, 2009

Warner Brothers went all out in its online video outreach for Watchmen, setting loose two months ago viral clips that gave fans a taste of how faithful the adaptation might be, while slowly drawing newbies into the complex world of the graphic novel. But in this […] Read more »

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