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If it seems I have been largely missing in action this weekend it’s because I have.  I had deadlines on two articles for a major magazine and I had to keep my nose to the keyboard.  I used the HP 2710p for the project and was […] Read more »

We do a lot of system reviews here on jkOnTheRun and invariably when we publish one there will be a contingent of readers who want to see raw benchmarks of the hardware components to try and determine how fast a system is.  I understand why some […] Read more »

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You may have seen me venting over Microsoft’s ridiculous failure to supply a 64-bit virtual printer driver for OneNote’s great "Send to OneNote 2007" feature.  This is the feature that is a must-have for me as I routinely print documents directly into OneNote 2007 for reference.  […] Read more »

Today is a writing day so in keeping with my madness I am sitting in the new Starbucks I’ve blogged about and writing my abs off.  Yes, writing is a cardio exercise the way I do it.  :)  I decided to bring the HP 2710p with […] Read more »

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Josh Bancroft promised many more MID videos from the Intel Developer Forum he attended and here’s another part of that delivery. Josh has two separate videos right here and each provides an early look at two expected entries in the Mobile Internet Device space. A few […] Read more »

Holding off on an HP Mini purchase to see what the second-generation Asus Eee PC will sport? The details arrived in the form of a press release with few surprises. The Eee PC 900-series is under a kilo in weight but ups the screen size and […] Read more »

This morning began like many other days.  I grabbed the Fujitsu P1620 out of the dock.  I put it dutifully to sleep which took only 3 seconds and then threw it in my gear bag.  I headed across town and walked into my morning meeting and […] Read more »

The next contender in the small but fully functional notebook market is nearing: Lenovo’s U110 IdeaPad has surfaced at on-line retailer J&R. It’s the same WXGA 11.1-inch unit that wowed us at this year’s CES… so much so, that we left fingerprints all over the demo […] Read more »

The Sharp Willcom D4 announced yesterday has gotten a lot of people buzzing as it is a unique UMPC that has a slightly large phone form.  It is also the first device we’ve seen that is running Vista on the Intel Atom chipset and a lot […] Read more »

So I’m working away in the coffee shop and Windows Update just flagged that an update is available for the HP Mini-Note.  I popped WU open to see what it was and believe it or not it is Vista SP1.  I’ll install it tonight and see […] Read more »

I was nodding my head in agreement several times this morning while reading Michael Gartenberg’s most recent Computerworld article. A Jupiter Research analyst, Michael shares his experiences with an Asus Eee PC and comes to the same conclusion many of has have had here: Vista isn’t […] Read more »

We do a lot of YouTube video reviews here on jkOnTheRun and a lot of times we hear from those who want to view them in higher quality format than the normal YouTube FLV format.  YouTube has recently put an option for those who want to […] Read more »

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